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How do I make time learning English?

Your boss wants you to improve your English communication skills because you are to be assigned overseas but you have no time to learn it. You believe that you have to improve your English communication skills because it is something where you think you can gain confidence over that promotion that you’ve been wanting, but again, you have no time. You are to study at a university abroad and you have to learn English, and sadly, you have no time. Is it really about the lack of time or is it about mismanagement of time? Time is a form of currency that we all want and just like money, we just have to spend it well. So, how do you learn English when you think you don’t have much time. Below are some tips:

  1. While you are stuck in a terrible traffic, why don’t you browse through the internet and read some articles in English? There are tons of websites out there which provide stories, columns, and whatnot written in English that may of huge help to you. You have to be critical in validating these sites though. I downloaded an app called Curiosity which I use to read through some fun and fascinating facts about things in various fields.
  2. You are in a long queue and you’ve been there for two minutes now, plug in your earphones and listen to songs in English. Chill and learn English. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. You are waiting for your girlfriend who has been preparing for two hours now, well, nothing beats watching a movie in English while waiting for your princess (that sounds so corny!). Once you’re done with the movie, your girlfriend is slaying that dress, and you just exposed yourself in English. Movie, girlfriend, and English, that’s life!
  4. You are having a manicure and a pedicure and you’ve browsed through all of the magazines on the side table. Don’t dare to flip those magazines over again.Try writing a summary or a review of the movie you watched the last time or a book you read. Beautiful nails and better writing skills in one hour!
  5. Download apps which cater to people who are interested in language exchange. I am now using HelloTalk which has voice-to-text, text-to-voice, and transliteration functions. You will definitely meet friends from all over the world while you practice your English communication skills. Be careful in making friends to strangers though. Also, this is where I do my 60-second English lessons. If you already have a HelloTalk account, you can follow me through this ID: phoebe8910.

These are just five of the many things that you may do in order to make some time for English despite your busy schedule. I will be posting here some short English lessons that you can learn in bits and chunks. Let’s learn English every day!

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7 thoughts on “How do I make time learning English?

  1. what u say is really a good way to learn English, thank u first,however, there r also many limits at the same time, eg.original English magzine is not
    easy to get in China, maybe can u recommind some ways 2 get it? and i want 2 learn some more native English,maybe u can update some in the later future~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh. The magazine! I actually do not recommend reading magazines in this blog. What I mean is, you don’t have to browse through the magazines on the side table of the parlor where you are getting your pedicure and manicure over and over again. Instead, you can just simply write a summary or a review of the movie you watched or a book you read, of course, in English. By the way, thanks for leaving a comment. I will, definitely, be posting some English expressions that you can use to sound more natural! Thanks again! 🙂


  2. thanks for your sharing, im waiting for your further lessons.
    for the tip 4, i know its a good way to improve my english by using english to express what i want to express,
    but im a total lazy person, so i hope you can encourage me to do it if it is possible.

    Liked by 1 person

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