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English Expressions to Use in Asking for Help

 Scenario: You’re in an awesome European tour and you missed your shuttle. Of course, you will ask for some help. In English, just like some other languages, it is not so polite to ask for help directly. With this, you can use some expressions for you to not to sound demanding and impolite. Here is a list of some helpful expressions:

  1. Can you give me a hand with this?
    This is a direct question that you can use to friends or to people who you know quite well. Try not to use this with your boss.
  2. Could you help me for a second?
    The phrase “for a second” means that you don’t need that much help and that it will not be so difficult.
  3. I wonder if you could help me with this?This expression is very polite, hence you can use this with people you don’t know quite well. Yes, you can also use this with your boss.
  4. Could you spare a moment?You may use this when someone is busy and that you need his/her help for only a short time.

So, there you go! Asking for help in English will never be a problem anymore. Just remember to use the correct expression at the right situation.

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